19 January 2007

In the past, I didn't truly beleive Kafka' stories.
Today, fully agree.
I am 14 years fighting with the absurdity, madness, murder instincts... all things that made life in Earth not worth to be lived, really.
In Spain there is not Justice. Family is destroyed. Men are not equal in rights versus women in Courts. Therefore, false demands mushroomed. Nobody do collaborate. Human rights are kidnapped by Lawyers and Judges. We have no rights at all. And it's sad, very sad, to realize that day after day, oneself is extinguising in a battle without espoir.
A page I had in tk domain has been erased by not having been used for a while... And it's sad because my creativity is stepping down. Tired. Depressed. I was optimistic. But here, in Spain, I cannot live. This is a crazy country. Sorry by writing this way. But things are that way.

15 January 2007

Yes, I'm still alive. But long time fighting a depression. Living in Spain is not easy. If you love freedom, liberties, your own dignity as a person. I'm since 1985 fighting with this system who is an insult to inteligence, and a menace to own rights. It's a problem when you live in an environment who does'nt respect Human Rights, you struggle once and again, but the system is as a wall, and any answer ( if any ) does bear the minimum professionality and sensibility due. And no other victims do support you in anyway.
However, you know you have to go ahead.
But it's not easy.
Several months without access to my page in tk domain, did result in its erasure.
At least they could have gave me prealable notice addressed to my email account.
They didn't.
I have reconstruct it again.
And I'll try to keep the minimum regular discipline.
As studying Atomic Physics.
Please, always help anyone fighting for Justice.
Because that struggle is also yours.