16 April 2008

Activism & internet

I know internet since ... about 30 years. Yes, really. Then, there were few people using it. Debates were more serious, and users were more friendly.
Today, internet is a mass phenomenum. Very consumer. There is an overflow of pages, blogs, etc etc...
Of course, most of the info-net is rubbish. And wikipedia is NOT the Bible. Non plus.
However, internet give users the ilusion of have a voice in this World who reduces individuals to silence. Work & consume only.
And I wonder myself about my own rôle here. Because in Spain ( & in the World ), it's true that we have a big problem about Justice ( lack of it ). And and the same time, people, instead of hard work towards fix the problems, write pages in internet calling for assault the winter Palace.
And we know that ONLY action may change thigs. Not words.

Spain; a shame of country . Some 300 Spaniards demanding political asilum.

This is the very truth ( unhappily, I DO know that what they say is true ).


Years back ( I'm a veteran in the arena ) I wrote to the Human Rights commission chief, of the European Parliament, an Englishmen of the Labor Party, as per a suggestion of British Nottingham M.P. Imelda Read, asking for an investigation about human rights violations in Spain. It have had about 1996 or so. I dont' remember the name of him. The question was that along several letters, he insisted about the point that 'Human Rights compliance with' ( part of the European Union Act, by been referee the Rome Agreement, 1950 ) fallen under the exclusive domain of the national authorities... What a contradiction... If I claim against a violation of Human Rights made by Spain, how may I appeal to the authors of crimes ? Further, it seemed that 'depending on the case...' Human Rights violations are considered as a purely internal affair ( => impunity ), or not. We have seen military actions ( wars ) under such rationale. So, depending...
I say this is inmoral. Human rights compliance with must not depend of nothing. They are of mandatory observation. Point.

The Divorce Nightmare in Spain

Once in the past I read about some English scholars wondering themselves as per what extrange was the case of Spain that had a very brief moment of splendor and then a very sharp decline even in danger of dissapearing as independent State, and comparing Spain with such Asian States as those set up by Timur, Gengis-Khan and alike.
Well, this cannot be a lesson on History, but some general streamlines may be designed. Until near end XV Ce., Spain was mostly composed by two kingdoms: Castile and Aragon ( Navarre and Grenade were of ligh-weight in the peninsular scenery ). Both of them were relatively advanced for the time, having good universities, bureaucracy, trade and industry. Middle class, professional and merchant was of significant Jewish presence. Muslims in agriculture. But then, it was a great conspiracy leaded by the Catholic Church to empower over America and their goods. Indirectly, Castile was destinated to serve as executor arm of the Catholic policy in Europe. All elements who could prevent the plan were wiped out: Jews, Moorish, Protestants, Liberals...Democracy in Spain dissapeared ( Charles V / I of Spain ) practically annuled the Cortes. Agriculture, trade and industry in Castile sunk, and the country entered in bankrupcy. It began a degeneration process lasting up to date.
Spain is a country were never has been a revolution.
So many time with a lot of problems pending to solve, without being solved, has created a deep background of negative vibrations thatg empoison the colective life.
Only due to their geographic position Spain did survive.
But this very negative background acts upon people difficulting very much interpersonal relations. Spaniards have developped a complex and sophisticated network of defence mechanisms to survive. This made the country very hermetic. And individuals far away from reality. A lot of empty rethoric. Self complaining.
This made rather difficult overcome the heavy heritage of the past.
Here everything became complicated.
There is not interconfidence between people. And then, it's difficult the team work, organization, patience, commitement.

Now it's time to point out a link about divorce, a nightmare. It could be more 'normal', but Spain isn't a normal country. And... pay attention also to the fact that nothing is what it appears.


( as always, let you use an automatic translator if not commanding Spanish ).

15 April 2008

The seven bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the European Union

It is my understanding that the Swiss Confederation has all the advantages of an de facto adherence to the European Union witout their inconveniencies. Further, European citizens are treated unequally by respect their Swiss counterpart in the social rights environment.
This could make these Agreements as not valid by violating the principle of equivalence and reciprocity.
A demand against them could/should be sent to the European Court.

Curiously, the whole affair of the Seven Bilateral Agreements CH-EU passed almost unnoticed in Europe. Why ?

The False Memory Syndrom

Here is an interesting link to a blog related with the False Memory Syndrom, in Spanish:


Due to the high level of conflictivity of the everyday Spanish life, this issue is very concerning for everyone bearing a minimum of sensibility and concerning for human rigths compliance with, and particularly for all children related, because they are systematically brought to Courts where they are used as weapons against their fathers. Spain is a Judicialized country, and contentious divorce lawsuits may last lifelong until one of contenders got dead.
Really it's necessary to have been living here and have known all that in direct hand, to see until what level of moral and ethic corruption a society may arrive.