24 August 2008

A proposal about Judiciary

Having said that the Justice of Spain is the main danger for basic human rights, and I am directly involved against it, because it has ruined and destroyed my family (being itself out of Law), I want recall here a proposal I stated years back in Radio Utopia.
Starting point is that Spain is a so corrupted country that it have not a solution other than a sound revolution. But being this way almost impossible, there are some ways to approuch.

-Decentralisation should advance to quasi independence of facto for regions. Only external representative relations, and a Federal High Court dealing with conflict between regions should exist. Lawsuits should end whitin Regional Courts.
-Access to Courts has to be free and unrestricted for everyone, therefore, ending with the monopoly of Lawyers and Court representatives.
Access to Courts could be thru three ways:
- Free access for citizens, self defending.
- Thru professional Lawyers, under voluntary basis.
- Thru Lawyers payed by Administration for citizens unable to pay free professionals and or
not feeling comfortable interpreting Laws and Or procedures.
-Creation of a nationwide commision for Laws & Procedures simplification, composed by tiers:
Lawyers, Industrial Organization Engineers and Geometrists.
-Creation of an information system and counseling for every citizen about all Judiciary related, including free access to archived Lawsuits.

AState that prevents happyness to citizens in this World, should not to exist.