30 January 2008

Often, from a perspective, I've thought that Justice-Law-related questions are half-rubbish. I dont' beleive about Law superstructure, who seems to me a way to try to justify the exploitation to most human beings.
This is clearly explained by Nietszche in his quotation about Jenofonte about the legation of Athens to Melos.
The problem is that almost people beleive things, concepts, who are wrong. But the propaganda 'makes' lies to became true.
The other day, a person spoke about the lack of clarity of the Spanish regulations. And... well, this is in part due to generalized incomptetency, in part deliberately wanted. So, citizen is always under the 'sword' of the system. Fear is the most deeply sentiment of Spanish citizens.... Ooops... subjects rather.
Also, a very common strategy Spaniards-systemists follow is to bury dissident persons with a lot of never ending expedients, demands, etc...The objective is to let the opponent exhaust, demoralized, and if it's possible, ruined. Spain is a violent and cruel country.
Certainly, it's not thinkable offer the own head to the opponents, and therefore, I have to continue fighting until the big process against the Justice of Spain takes place. I think this day will come. And all damaged, injured, deprived of their Human Rights, murdered by the Justice of Spain will see their rights fully recognized, and Civil Servants will have to have face their responsibilities.
It is a shame to read everyday the news of Spain to verify how dangerous and corrupted the ruling class is.
I think it's very needed to put an end to the historical failure of Spain.
A way should be find to overcome the fear that paralize and destroys cooperation capability between the victims.
For sure, any ideas will be welcome. If accompanied with practices, tant better.