18 February 2006

I've thought many times about mental and psychological devastation caused in Spain by so much contentious lawsuits destroying families, preventing children from an armonic, equilibrated and peaceful grow of their personality.
Spanish society is very conflictive. And Judiciary sistem, instead of solving conflicts, magnify them to worse and irresolubility. Diplomacy, mediation, respect, professionalism, are in absence of Justice.
Therefore, I would like to join all people hurted by the Justice of Spain to claim for all damage caused.
Under Ethics and Moral, the State of Spain has no right to existance, because of it made too many citizens unhappy.

17 February 2006

Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa
Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa
Dan Bar On, Israeli Psychologist is interviewed for "La Vanguardia" paper. He spoke about blocking situations arisen when hidden guilty or victimism feelings, are nested in the deep of our subconsciousness.
When I was in Israel,I perceived a sentiment of agression, particularly between North Africa, Near East, East Europe originating Jews, that I'd never saw elsewere but in Spain.
Spain is a blocked society. No mediation instances are present. No dialog. Cries and confrontation instead. With time, this became boring.
I am 12 years now looking for people ready to fight against injustice in Spain ( the injustice of 'Justice') unsuccesfully so far. Spaniards use to speak a lot. Too much. But when wilol they biased to action ?
Since time back, I'd hear that Spaniards are individualistic persons. Tha's not true. They are isolated people, a quite different thing. Quite a few relationships. No roots. No true love.

15 February 2006

Each time I go to a Lawyer bureau, I realize that in the overall Judiciary there is no sensibility, humanitarism, professionality and respect to citizens. I got terrified feeling that. The lack of compassion to victims, the absence of reaction to criminal acts, let me think what a dead society is this.
Spaniards are only concerned by money.
I'll never recommend anyone to come to live here.
Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa

14 February 2006

These days are important for me. As you know, the own life sometimes does appear as a set of steps. One of them is recently closed. But here, the principle of wave superposition does apply. As in economics. As in nature. As in personal life.
I am here as a result of many effects. Familiar environment, a main one. Education, social and work entourace others. Since my childhood I asked myself about things I saw around. My parents were Civil Servants since Republic time. And I was born in General Franco' era. I saw it as a provisional system... awaiting new things, new government, new culture, new human relationship...Whole Spain was an Island. An enpoverished country, with proud people still thinking about past Imperial glories to hide misery of present, fear and repression, and then lack of confidence in others, a lot of people wishing grass on somebody else, and so on.
Not strange that Spaniards are like Islands. Isolate people. Not able to team work, to cooperate.
In psychological terms, a devastated land.
Bureaucracy is heavy, unprepared and unefficient. Spain is a country built by Lawyers and for Lawyers. Aside science and technology.
Speaking about my thinking and manners, it was clear that I should go away to explore new fields. However, I stayed in the country by my Parents. I wanted reward them at least with some company from time to time. Really I ought everything to them. And I think one have to be grateful to anyone who has given us love.
In common terms, Lawyers are not popular in Spain. People link them to bureaucracy, Justice and all that. Not smelling very well. However, I grew up in a kind of environment quite different to the mean one. Then, landing on very real fields was a bit difficult. You only know things when directly experienced. Therefore, I did not know Spanish Justice until past 1985.
It was the year I had to cope with a plaintiff sent to Court by the builder of my house.
It was the beginning of a long history. An horror history still unfinished.