17 February 2006

Dan Bar On, Israeli Psychologist is interviewed for "La Vanguardia" paper. He spoke about blocking situations arisen when hidden guilty or victimism feelings, are nested in the deep of our subconsciousness.
When I was in Israel,I perceived a sentiment of agression, particularly between North Africa, Near East, East Europe originating Jews, that I'd never saw elsewere but in Spain.
Spain is a blocked society. No mediation instances are present. No dialog. Cries and confrontation instead. With time, this became boring.
I am 12 years now looking for people ready to fight against injustice in Spain ( the injustice of 'Justice') unsuccesfully so far. Spaniards use to speak a lot. Too much. But when wilol they biased to action ?
Since time back, I'd hear that Spaniards are individualistic persons. Tha's not true. They are isolated people, a quite different thing. Quite a few relationships. No roots. No true love.

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