03 February 2008

For anyone interested in this Association

( Spanish Association for Participative Democracy ).

From time to time, I receive inquires as per how collaborate with this Association.
Maybe it's generally supposed that Orgs placed under the umbrella of Action without Borders ( Idealist.org ) have a certain infrastructure.

Here, the infrastructure is just me. That means that you may not expect a brilliant ( & remunerated ) position. Rather, you may think about what may ( wish ) you do for this Association ( their objectives ) .

At the beginning, everything is small.

Mens like embark to the bus when the enterprise is full of gaz at goes at full speed.
Everyone likes the winning horse.
Not everyone devise who is going to be a winner, but still is not apparent.
Few people act by deep principles.

Activities in This house began in past 1995. It was made by three people, by legal requirement. Only I was really committed. I was trying to get allies & collaborators. Unsuccesfully so far ( therefore it's your turn... ¡ ).

All of us know about human behavioural rules. We are like any other animal specie. It's necessary gather a group to begin act in the street.
The system is so corrupted that an alternative should come from outside it, and society is still under consequences of its past of represssion who make its activity level really low. This is because of the paralyzing effects of fear.
By another side, the battle for Justice ( a conditio sine qua non for Human Rights respect, observance and compliance with ) is Universal.
If you observe, analyze, read about other societies... you will find that there is a constant in the Human History, anytime, anywhere. The exploitation by the Injustice. And the battle for Justice is Universal. I've tried to get collaboration by other persons involved in social activism, smarter and more capable that me. I suspect that most people are motivated by THEIR own problems and don't realize ( in deep ) that most individual problems are the individual projection of a collective issue. And if activists are unable to cooperate ( in true, not merely in wordings ) between them, the battle is lost ( victory will have still to wait ¡ ).

From the point of view of Ethics and Moral, the struggle against opression is fully justified from the beginning of times. Then, it's only needed to begin to eliminate the fear. The fear of freedom. The fear inoculated to humans since the beginning of History.

Let you please follow your suggestions/ideas to me. Thank you.

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