20 March 2008

About freedom

Having born in a country that traditionally doesn't respect Human Rights, I am very sensible towards crimes against men's basic rights and the lack of conditions for a very true freedom.
My principal asset is to have been born from my parents.
The main source of distress for me is to have been born in Spain.
Here, as usual oftenwhere else, there is strong interest and pressure to hide certain details of the past.
It's a something sturding experience to see ( at least in the media ), that even today ( 2008 AC year ), common graves containing the remnants of people murdered along the war of Spain ( 1936-1939 ) are been searched and excavated. Too many people don't know even today where were buried their relatives or beloved ones. And there are instances that are strongly against such practices. They want keep the country under a selective amnesia.
In the everyday life, there is a very strong pressure over victims to make them forget what did they suffer and by whom.
This cannot be that way forever.
So, in the memory of my Parents, in respect of each and every victim under similar circumpstances, I've decided to begin to write a squetch of my life hoping it be useful for anyone anywhere anygoal.
The true make men free.
I have to expose then my true. An objective description of some capital events of my life.
So that, invoking the right to free speech, I declare that in my writings, either in the past, and in the future, I'll try to observe respect to others, comply with regulations and be in accordance with faits. Therefore, every person and or Institution cited in my writings shouldn't claim for to be diffamated or something like or similar to that, in an attempt to make me keep silent.
Bye for now.

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