10 March 2008

The mania to apparent otherwise than the inner reality

One doesn't choose in what family to be born either in what country to raise up.
I was fortunate with my loved parents. By the opposite, Spain has been my main ennemy. Spain is a very dangerous country for honest and decent people. It has accumulated in its 5 last centuries of degrading an enormous amount of lack of sensibility and brutality.
An example is the terrible slaughtering in the Arenas of more than 10.000 bulls every Summer.
A rather common trace of Spaniards is their trend to apparent what they aren't really.
I remembered this when reading this afternoon about Juan Luis Rubio, of the Association of Separated Fathers of Madrid. He claims for the support they give to harassed fathers in separation / divorce lawsuits, but when I first suffer from strong Judiciary harassement, by past year 1994, he refused to help, and even didn't answer my call for support, being undefended.
As a popular proverb states, Spaniards prefer to be head of Mouse rather than tail of Lyon.

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