07 June 2008

Al Jazeera

Being abroad, and trying to improve my French and my English as well, I often tune the Al Jazeera TV chain, who gives a worldwide perspective of news and interviews.
Well, I admit my limitations... I'm not a public icon ( lol ), a celebrity, or something like that. Really these are not my objectives in life. What I want is to help in the way I can, to improve this little World and leave my tiny environment a little better that I founded it, if I can & hope.
For that, and as I know something about human nature & habits, I suggested Riz Khan ( one of their star interwiewers ) to engage a program about the Justice of Spain.
Helas, time pass and no answer received... This is the illusion of our little world, is not it ? But if we retired to care our garden, our cri is not listened outside... Yes or not ?

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