30 January 2009

2009 Proceeding the struggle towards freedom

This morning, I was updating a little this blogger. I try to engage little time to the 'maintenance & creation' tasks, because of some other activities to do, and also because since the very beginning of what I call the 'Judicial harassement', I had to overcome severe psychological damage.
However, I am the kind of persons thinking that under any circumpstances oneself have to offer his head in silver tray to the executioner.
By the opposite, I think that it's a categorical imperative to fight, in the mesure of my possibilities, as part of the global task of letting a World cleaner than I founded it.

This is why I ask the readers for a little patience reading this blog. Before I had better internet pages, who were lost by lack of maintenance. Nowadays, I'll try to keep this one at least with this minimum 'style' features. I hope you will understand that contains is more important that appearance.

These days I am deeply moved by the Gaza events. Partly due to my own life, to the brutal attacks I did suffer from the Spanish Judiciary, ended in the total destruction of my family, I am very sensible to injustice, and trend towards full solidarity with victims in this troubled World.
Poors and victims are the majority of people. Therefore, if we became a little togheter, begin to give steps to overcome fear and realize that the system cannot run without our cooperation ( of good or not will ), we will build the very basis for a real transformation of this world in a nice place to live in.

For me is completely unacceptable that most of human beings live in situation of practical slavery, hidden under the mask of a formal democracy ( if any ), only in papers, while in the real life we are exploited by a small group of wealthy capitalist that create very big economical crisis, helped by superstructures ( like the Judiciary ),whose consequences fall over common citizens and the Planet.

Impunity situations, like the one in Gaza, where the Israeli army commited coward and brutal agressions against civil people ( no opposant army ) are widespreaded all over the World under many aspects. When confidance in institutions have dissapeared completely, sometime the question is what to do.
What to do if, as it's my case, the confidance in the Spanish institutions is completely dissapeared ? In the 'judicial' field, the only hope would be the United Nations Human Rights Commission. But, what interest should pay The U.N. to my complaints, having seen how is the situation all ove the world ?
However, against any hope, I think it's necessary apply and insist.
Because any and every human being in this planet have the very basic human rights, and at least I prefer, and have to beleive in this.
And I hope you do too.
And act consequently.

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