16 May 2016

About recusal procedures

Remembering that my last and bigger judicial lawsuit in Spain began 22 years back, and still lasts, and no one of the main questions is solved, I think it's interesting to know one aspect about my juridical indefension.
At the very beginning, the lawyer defending the interests of my counterpart ( my ex wife ), payed by the council, started a battery of criminal demands against me.
Let you remember that in Spain, Lawyer may litigate for free in Courts. And their bills   issued  are of inmediate execution if presented in Court. Common Justiciable people is in a quite different world. Bordering the economic ruin. At the time, in the village of Colmenar Viejo there were only two district courts. So, they shared demands one in a Court next to the other and so one. Everything was against me. In another post I'll describe it and why. I have to be patient because my last depression and also because all my judicial events and affairs are complicated.
The question is that a Judge making the instruction in a demand against oneself, cannot take part in another one also against the same person.
I started a recusation procedure against the Judges of Colmenar Viejo. They tried to dazze me with questions as what were the purpose of that request and so one. AT the end, the same Judges against whom was addressed the recusation demand issued a judicial resolution refusing it.
It is my opinion that such way to proceed is not only breaking their own legal rules but also reveals a lack of ethics and of respect of my rights as human being and also breaking the Spanish Constitution.

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