15 February 2006

Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa


Garrido Simon, A.L. said...

Hello to any reader in this World. I've been a long time without write here due to several reasons.
1.-Having worked ( in the past ) in the information technologies field, I did became increasingly skeptic about their possibilities as action tool. At the beginning, there werw few people connected to the network. Yes, it was the time when another Physicist, Mr. Berners-Lee, at CERN, run his prototype. Few people connected and, in my opinion, more commited. Today, specially to people novice in Sciences & Technology, computers and internet may give them the illusion od an incidence who doesn't have. May be it's very useful to both, indiviuals and 'the system' as placebo. You know.
2.-My life as been in the last 22 years increasingly complicated. In past 1994 year, my family was distroyed. My ex was preparing from two years at least a procedure to expelled me from my house. She begans controlling the children, who were monopolized by her and increasingly put aside of my life. I presume the origin, further than psychological reasons ( later I hope be able to speak about the Psychology in Spain today ) was a liason with another man. By 1992 I began to find for an appartment to settle myself because life at home was difficult to support. I used to sleep with an armchair behind the door...But I founded that rents were not able to cope with by me having to feed the family and pay the college bill. I tried to endure myself hoping that with time the offensive against me would fail. Error. As in Spain there is a discrimination against men in separation and divorce plaintiffs, she went to a feminist association funded by the council. There she got legal support from a Lawyer ( paid by the Council ) to sUbmit a plaintiff against me and how to prepare it.

Garrido Simon, A.L. said...

3.-The first lawsuit was very complex to be exposed here and now. Spain is a very complicated country. Maybe you wonder why. Well, this country is degrading along 5 centuries. Surprisingly it still alives. But seriously ill. Lat you think that Spain has ten times more Laws than Germany... It's a nightmare, because also Laws are rather fuzzy in its terms, so there is a big juridical indefension, as Judges are charged to interpret and then execute Laws. And Judges enjoy immunity. And are in their position forever until retired, sauf promotions. By the opposite, a Spanish citizen is unable to appeal before the Court by himself. He is considered as to be unable for self representation or self defense. Consequently, he has to contract the services of an Attorney ( a lawyer ) plus a mandataire ( a person who receives the communications issued by the Court ). Justiciable only has to pay. And keep mute. Lawyers only have an interest: money. So, you could imagine that Justice in Spain is a nighmare to anybody else but the rich men, politicians and so on. Item more: some procedures, as the separation or divorce ones, may last all the life, until contenders die. This is a barbaric thing, in my opinion, who is used by Judiciary for some motifs: put into ruine the weak part of contenders, break their moral, seed conflict between people, and fed the Accounts of Lawyers. As much conflict, much better for them. In Spain it may be about 6 or 7 millions of plaintiffs.
4.-As a consequence of all this, and the impossibility to maintain a relationship with my children, I fell in severe depression. There is no help in Spain for such detresse. This society has been made cruel and there is few chances to get up after a fall, because everything fall over fallen person: judiciary, Taxation, work colleages, etc...
In my case, only my beloved parents helped me when alive. Sisters, nefews, sons, all gave me back. Even today it's not solved the question of alimonies paid to my sons ( 32 and 29 y.o. ). The system, and their mother put them against me. This may be similar to cases in the former Soviet Union when sons signed a declaration to Office telling that he dismissed of their parent ... Spain is an strange country where inquisitorial procedures still are in place, corruption is generalized and certainly there is not democracy neither free press. Every post sent to a paper is watched and censored if not aligned with the official thinking line.

After this 'brief' introduction, I want to tell you that in spite of so long time passed, I became little by little recovering and planning continue struggle for freedom and human rights compliance with, also claiming by responsibilities of all the actors who distroy my family and put me almost into ruin.
Criminals want crimes were forgotten. I think we have to do opposite, have good memory.
Saying goodbay for now, you could imagine why Spain is in a very severe crisis. Maybe bigger than you guess or press say. I will be happy if at least we were able to gather some people commited. Meanwhile I'll continue alone.
Best regards.
A.L. Garrido SImon.