25 February 2008

To readers. Some things to do, and feedback

I receive from time to time, mail from readers, or people interested in this Association. The very most, foreigners. An Spaniard could say... huh, that's because your blog is in English. Deficient English, but English anyway. But the fact is that from the very beginning, only two people from Spain wrote me. And what they wanted was a paid work. Also from the beginning of my problems with the Spanish Justice, I saw crearly and dramatically what I supsonned before, so that, the whole scenery set up for an apparent democracy was a complete fiction. And I was in a situation of total indefension. I started a wide campaign of call for help/solidarity here and
aboard. And I see how most Spaniards even doesn't answer your mail. Anyway no help was
received. And you may imagine what can I do in front of the whole State and its Corporations.
Therefore a re-planning task was due.
All this is linked with the fact that the whole country ( maybe with the exceptions of Catalonia and the Basque Country ) is a fictional one, that even today hasn't assumed the fact that its long decline from the very top to almost dissolution was due to its unability to positive and creative way to assume and overcome the past. In fact, psychologically, Spain is more linked to Near East that to Center Europe. His case hasn't been as dramatic as the Arab countries, but it has elements in common. In Spain never has been a real Revolution.
Religion, or rather, a certain way to interpret it, the Roman Catolic one, was a capital element of its superstructure. To summarize, within that psychological umbrella, everything is permited, provided that in the 'last instant' you became converted and ask your sins be perdonned. This is an important source of corruption. Another key element is the imaginative idealism. This consist in the position of which not liking his present, but not having capabilities, resolution or committement to change things, build a fictional scenery, and settle himself in it, with time, this is his real environment. Confusing delirant ideas with reality. This environment trend to be closed. Spain has been, and in part still is, a rather closed country. Hermetic country.
Individuals, in their common life, show traces of what described. So, cooperation is rather difficult. Spaniards act under the direction of a leader. Sometimes, as reaction, they showed an anarquic trend. This psycho-sociological environment is dangerous at all levels. It's difficult to escape from it. It acts as a 'black hole'. What you fight trend to link you.

However, I think all that is not good for Health, Love, Self Achievement and Happyness. And I firmly beleive that all human beings have to fight for their rights, and fight against anything/anyone who rape / prevent them.

What to do ?
Is not possible fix all problems a a time.
Problems lasting centuries cannot be fixed in days.
But is necessary give steps in the right direction.

1.- Create a true democratic culture from Primary School onwards.
Fostering lectures on human values, solidarity, self achievement.
Developping experimental classes to teach/learn nature. Caring nature. Planting trees. Cleaning lands. Traveling.

2.- Total reform of Judiciary.
Free access of citizens to Courts.
Creation of a commission to simplify all Laws, Regulations and Proceedings of the State.
Set up instruments to claim for effective responsibility of all Civil Servants of the State.

3.- Reform of the political parties, to convert them in truly democratic bodies. Open lists in
elections. Elaborate a reglament of duties of Members of Parliament towards theirs electors
( right now, M.P.'s may even doesn't answer a letter sent from you, neither receive you in
their office ) . Really, the actual M.P.'s are very like those in the Franco' times towards
citizens. Try to speak with them is like try to speak with God. And, if by any exceptional
case ( 'amity', any kind of relationship ), a M.P. grant you a rendez-vous, then the real
interest for your problems is null. In Spain, distance between 'theoretical citizens' and
high Civil Servants or Deputees is infinite. If you go once to the Parliament House, you lost
the envies to repeat.

I think that a way to begin reverse these things is set up public Platforms to debate,
disseminate panflets, and set up agreed procedures to act/react collectively. This is
really affordable. This is a way that implements Civic Active Resistence.

The Parliament Square, in Madrid, is a suitable place for a weekly democratic kermesse.

I wait your constructive feedback. Thank you.

Just seconds after completing this post, I received in the mail this moving letter who I add here.

From:"Peace in the Middle East"
To:"Arabian nights"
Subject: That is the way to make peace
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 19:34:16 +0200

That is how you make Peace

The war in Lebanon has ended and the fast rhythm of life might make us forget what happened; yet the trauma and the lack of communication with the other side prepetuates the hostility in the Middle East.

During the happiness workshops of the Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East, which are based on The Way to Happiness® booklet, children and adults get the opportunity to unload what's on their hearts.

During one of those happiness workshops the children arrived to the conclusion that they can influence on their own lives and on the happiness of others. They also understood from the discussion that it is possible that the are children in Lebanon exactly like them that suffered – just like them - from shelling while in war.

There was an immediate decision to do something about that, and each kid took a paper and wrote on it what he would say if he met a Lebanese kid that set in a shelter during the bombs (see the attached picture). Here's what they wrote:

To the kid who felt the war:

I also felt like that and I know how you feel, and it has ended, thanks god. Now we can go back to the routine and I also know that you felt fear, panic and suffer.


TO the fifth grader in Lebanon.

I really feel sorry for you since we sent many rockets and Katiushas at you, more then you sent to us.

with best regards, Adir, Z.


I wish to say that I'm very sorry for the war and I hope all your families and friends are Ok and that everything will go back to the way it was before and there will be no more war! Suri.

In the 70s it took several years to educate the public that there are protected flowers which are forbidden to pick. We believe that activities like those received by pupils of all grades in both countries will raise a generation that will be aware to the fact that across the border live… people! People who actually don't want to bomb anyone and do not like to be bombed.

It is a fact that as for this moment there's one team who actually take effective action about that –

"The Way to Happiness" team.

Would you like to help to creating a better future?

If most of the population thought like that, how would life be in the Middle East?

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