22 February 2008

9th Mars 2008 Gen.Elections: One vote lost

Yesterday, 21st February 2008, I realize this 9th Mars are general elections in Spain.
I'm not interested about aby particular political party. MP lists are closed. So, you have to vote the complete list; no add, no withdraw.
I sent a fax to the Consulate of Spain in Marseille... telling them my wish to vote, my site of registration ( commune ), and address. No answer so far. I sent a mail to the Socialist Party, in Madrid, in similar terms. No answer so far. Maybe they think they have votes in excess ( excess of confiance normally don't give good results ).

Years before, after I had to leave my house for the exclusive enjoy of my ex-wife and their children, somehow I was withdraw of the census of Spain.

The system do know what to do with electors.
Sometimes, deads voted in Spain. Sometimes have been 'problems' with the vote of emigrants.

I beleive it is a bad affair to despise even a single vote. You don't know a priori if even a single vote may give a deputy to a party or not.
Besides, this way to act is a meprise to democracy.

Today 26th Feb., I received a letter from Consulate of Marseille telling me that due date to apply
to vote was late 9th Feb.

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