21 April 2008

Pearls of the Day

The Council of Europe has approuved a document to prevent suicide in the Continent, asking for high priority for it. The author recognizes that suicide is a taboo, but however in need not to be forgotten.
Suicide is the consequence of sound problems in society. And the Human Rights Commission of that very same Council of Europe could be a little more receptive when citizens appeal to it in demand of protection for their human rights, that, when violated, are one of causes of problems sometimes ended in suicide. It's a pity that, according with past experience, I had had to lost my confidence in it.
In Spain, press is learned to hide suicides. Spanish press is, and always has been, a press of opinion, not a press of information. It do publish the needed to create states of public opinion. Now, they're everyday news the crisis of Justice ( inspiring in the 'citizens' the dream of a kind of fix for that grave problem, who finally don't have occasion to became true ) and the real & supposed violance agains women. Spain is always creating ennemis to focus against them the rage of the people.
From this year 2008 onwards, the Institute of Statistics will not account for suicides ( ¡¡¡ ),instructing forensic reports will have to be inserted under the Chapter... Decease by dead reason ( another absurdity to account ).
Spain do solve problems by simply ignoring them.
Bullying is a cause for suicides. Bullying is increasing in Spain. Judicial bullying also is very strong; particularly towards harmless persons.
Last government created a Ministry for Equality, conducted by a 31 y.o. unexperienced woman ( what a danger ¡ ) with the goal to end resistence of dissidency against discriminatory treatment to men in separation & divorce cases.
Right now, persons ( mostly men ) are sent to prison by being considered presumably guilty. And the principle of presumably innocency simply has... well, not dissapeared because in Spain never had been stated in true.
As stated by the association for Shared Custody, Spain is placed today at pre-democratic level, and near to totalitarian countries.
20 % of Spaniards have a tendance to mental illness, and about 15 % of manpower take drugs.
The President of the High Court of Andalousie suggest revise the Judiciary, because its usefulness... ( horror ¡¡¡ ). He said the Judicial system is updated and useless. In my opinion there are two problems: one, concerning Laws, and another a big problem concerning the civil servants of the Judiciary. As scenary, the Spanish people deprived of their rights, as said in previous posts.

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