16 April 2008

Activism & internet

I know internet since ... about 30 years. Yes, really. Then, there were few people using it. Debates were more serious, and users were more friendly.
Today, internet is a mass phenomenum. Very consumer. There is an overflow of pages, blogs, etc etc...
Of course, most of the info-net is rubbish. And wikipedia is NOT the Bible. Non plus.
However, internet give users the ilusion of have a voice in this World who reduces individuals to silence. Work & consume only.
And I wonder myself about my own rôle here. Because in Spain ( & in the World ), it's true that we have a big problem about Justice ( lack of it ). And and the same time, people, instead of hard work towards fix the problems, write pages in internet calling for assault the winter Palace.
And we know that ONLY action may change thigs. Not words.

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