16 April 2008

Spain; a shame of country . Some 300 Spaniards demanding political asilum.

This is the very truth ( unhappily, I DO know that what they say is true ).


Years back ( I'm a veteran in the arena ) I wrote to the Human Rights commission chief, of the European Parliament, an Englishmen of the Labor Party, as per a suggestion of British Nottingham M.P. Imelda Read, asking for an investigation about human rights violations in Spain. It have had about 1996 or so. I dont' remember the name of him. The question was that along several letters, he insisted about the point that 'Human Rights compliance with' ( part of the European Union Act, by been referee the Rome Agreement, 1950 ) fallen under the exclusive domain of the national authorities... What a contradiction... If I claim against a violation of Human Rights made by Spain, how may I appeal to the authors of crimes ? Further, it seemed that 'depending on the case...' Human Rights violations are considered as a purely internal affair ( => impunity ), or not. We have seen military actions ( wars ) under such rationale. So, depending...
I say this is inmoral. Human rights compliance with must not depend of nothing. They are of mandatory observation. Point.

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