21 February 2008

Pending to fix

One of motifs to autonomic communities unrest and dissatisfaction, specially the Basque Country and Catalonia is the situation of Justice. They wish, as a way to escape to it, obtain full jurisdiction for their Justice, so that, pleintiffs will end in these communities. In fact, fully independence of their Judiciary. Something like the Justice in Switzerland.
But the state never will renounce at that resort of pow er and control. The only way is by force.

Here is a list of pending affairs, who need volontiers to proceed with them.

> Forensic reports
Is necessary to do a research about them, to see the degree of rightness or prevatication with
economic interests.

> The situation in Psychiatric Hospitals. Forensic reports are a very dangerous weapon in the
hands of Justice, who can send a person to the Gulag, and made him dissapear of the world
of living humans.

> Campaign to recover citizens rights, between them, one of the very basic ones, the free and
irrestricted access to Court. We must end with a situation in wich access to Court is kidnapped
by Lawyers and Procurators. Many people accept injustices and damage by not go to Courts,
prefering that to hire Lawyer and Procurator, who commands high bills for their 'work'.
This monopoly of Justice has to end.

> Democracy ilself is kidnapped by political parties, who don't have internal democracy,and
don't serve the citizens' interests. Let you think, to give an idea, that most deputees even
doesn't answer letters send to them. Neither gave rendez vous to electors. I don't understand
how citizens accept that situation. A shame.

> In general, Civil Servants see citizens as ennemies, who when going to their offices is to
disturb ( to make them work ), or make them think.
It's a must to make all the Spanish Administration in situation to serve the people, who is who
thru their taxes pay their salaries ( and their lifelong work ).

One day, I'll write here about a forensic report made ex profeso to destroy my family.
Like always, with a insidious style to say things without stating explicitely, but implicitly.
His author was the president of a Rotary club of Madrid, and University teacher, Enrique Esbec.
I'll come back on him later.

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