21 February 2008

Spain and Kosovo

The independence of Kosovo arised some unrest in Spain.
I don't know what image have foreign observers about this country. Even a considerable part of their inhabitants. Because, and it may appear extrange, but Spain has even today big influence from the past, still not analyzed objectively, hence not assumed neither surpassed, who when confronted with their Europeans neighbours gave origin to a complex of inferiority, and a tic of rigidity, manifested in many aspects of their behaviour in scene. Not a land for diplomacy.
Spaniards trend to act with severity towards the weaks, and rather cowardize to strong ones. The State is weak, dominated by a coalition of lobbies, in unstable equilibrium.
As there is no democracy neither Justice, grievance towards middle and working class is high, and a substantial part of 'citizens' ( who are such only in paper ) are ressentled towards the State.
This internal weakness, could dismembre the State at its due time.
The lack of Justice and Democracy will be the originating factors.
Nevertheless, the nomenklatura will say otherwise.
Always is the same.
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.
The liar may lie. Even to himself. But not always. And in the very deep, some unrest is neverending rolling.
The nomenklatura of Spain has motifs to be concerned about Kosovo.

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