16 February 2008

About the Judicial Impunity

Seen in the webpage of one of my former 'supporters

""Febrero, 2008 | por Luis Bertelli |

El Tribunal Constitucional ha conseguido de tapadillo el privilegio de la irresponsabilidad -LO 6/2007, de 24 de mayo- y puede que pronto veamos proclamada oficialmente la inmunidad de los demás jueces porque como acertadamente dijeraThomas Paine, uno de los más grandes defensores de los derechos humanos, en la pasividad de los pueblos está el origen de todas las tiranías.""

The problem is that somehow, many Spaniards like very much appear as champions of solidarity, the fight for freedom, democracy, and so on... But in the real life is just the opposite.
It's very hard to find really committed people in Spain. Then, someones may think that I follow an individualistic way. As said, this very same Mr. Bertelli abandoned my support years back. And it's not convenient call a second time to a door once closed to you. If betrayed, only once. No more.
I think convenient clarify that in the past I didn't call for support from Institutions or persons ( between these last, the very same Mr. Bertelli ) because of lack of entrepreneurship, initiative, lack of maturity, or lack of self confidence. It was because of, as said already in my internet sites, in Spain, common citizens are prevented to appeal to Courts. They have to hire the services of Lawyer and procurator, and these persons are in favor of the Judiciary, not in favor of citizens neither civil liberties. We are considered by the Spanish Judiciary as mentally undicapped persons, unable to be self represented. It's in my opinion a big shame this state of things, but things are this way. In this country there are Corporations ( Lawyers, procurators, physicians, psychologists, etc... ) who do configure a State that is NOT a democracy. Rather a fascist system. Yes, even today.
In situations of loneliness, I remember the words of M.K. Gandhi when refused to rest in that small muslim hameau of Bengal: " If noone listen your message, go ahead alone".
So, I go on alone. Entoured by Spanish jackals.

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