16 February 2008

About the self dignity

It's clear that everyone has his own sense of dignity.
During the most violent period of judicial conflicts, due to the separation process, who gave origin to multiples demands against me, in an intent of annihilation ( Spanish lawyers can start demands without incurring in temerity, and for free, and without ulterior criminal neither civil responsibility ), all Judges of Colmenar Viejo ( Madrid ) were involved in demands against me.
Due to concomitant interest against me, in my opinion, based upon facts, I applied for recusation of all these Judges.
After several distracting and labor generating manoeuvres, the substitute Judge Carmen Viñaras Gimenez, herself incursed in one of my recusation petition, issued a resolution of unacceptancy.
Therefore, the same person acted as part and judge in that affair.
In Spain there is a very strong pressure against anyone trying to recuse a Judge.
While I think that an honest and decent person should inhibite of "motu propio" of the instruction of any lawsuit if requested by any contender.
For me, is a question of class, decency and human dignity.

Links to consult ( text in Spanish; if needed, use an automatic translator )

( Pity that Mr. Bertelli, at whom I requested help, declined; in Spain, often, what thought, said and made doesn't agree mutually )

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