12 February 2008

Why this blog

In the own life, it may have crucial points, or critical situations, in which suddenly the wide panorama of reality, the real nature of things, circumpstances and persons extend openly in front of us. Normally, we are educated to serve the system, not towards self suficiency and freedom. The educational system impose to us its vision of reality. Since the very early childhood. Freedom may come after a period of self evolution or maturity. Those traumatic evens may act as a break event point. Thereafter, nothing is like in the past.

This is the "fall from the horse while in the way to Damas" of Paul of Tarsus.

Or the hanging of Alexander Ilich Ulianov effect upon his brother Vladimir.

And so on.

A crime is impossible to forget.

One may wonder why civil services are for their own benefit instead of to serve to citizens.
I didn't receive anything valuable from the Spanish Administration but offences.

One may wonder as per why being an honest person one is treated as a criminal by the Administration.

One overcomed the neverending trend to annul psychologically any dissident, it begans another period. And one may ask as per why being individual before than the State, this is deterring the monopoly of violence, information, culture, thinking. Something fundamental is stollen by the State. And oneself may wonder about the illegitimacy of the State. And why most of the people in fact renounce to freedom. They prefer illness to freedom. They renounce to self achievement to only became consumers.
My complete lack of confidence in the Justice of Spain cames from 2nd July 1994. Years before I've unhappily experienced the lack of professionalism of it. But I never could imagine the degree of corruption installed in it. Fear is widely present in Spain. A paralyzing fear that prevents action, and put people in the way of neverending claiming, speaking, doing fictions, building imaginary reallities, in sum, mechanism of defense to escape from reallity. There is no juridical security within a spaguetty-mesh of regulations, deliberately fuzzy, and deprived the individual of the right to self defence.
In this way, one question could be at what degree a system doing that merit respect as being respectful towards human rights. My answer is that from the Ethic and Moral point of view, the Justice of Spain doesn't deserve any respect.

Another aspect is if oneself has to keep silence or not.

My answer is that anyone offended by the system has the right and also the obligation to legitimacy defence by any moral mean, and not exclusively by the roten ways of the system that doesn't bring us to any good final point.
The system will change when people begin to simply say 'not'.
Without violence. Without fear. With calme, patience and strong determination, it's necessary to say 'not'.
Because men are free. And their rights are before the State. And the rulers of a State that doesn't comply with Human Rights have to respond of their responsibilities.
To be happy, men need recover the stollen freedom.

I dont know who will read this blog. Internet is full of information. Overfloaded. Who will read this and will be wishing to join efforts with me ?

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