15 February 2008

You're lost because of your children

The horrors of Spain is a neverending list. In my case, with the Justice practices in first term.
For me, having lived in Spain for 56 years, is an atonishing affair still today see how an European country, who was not bad till XVI Ce. is so backward and showing today practices that unqualify it as a modern and democratic State.
Almost histories are away from reality, because of not written by concerned people telling clearly how perform the Justice, the Educational, taxation, relationshiop between Civil Services and people ( citizens are rather scarce; rather subjects ).
Just now, write a personal history of Spain will take a lot of time. And I need the time to some other creative things. So, I've thought that an intermediate approuch will be to write from time to time brief pictures of events of my life. Criminal people like very much close the mouth of their victims. So, I'll will not close mine one. Second, it's necessary, and revolutionary, spread the truth. Maybe these words be useful to anyone.

The heading sentence was one of the first ones the lawyer of my ex-wife told me in the far days of July 1994. She was government payed. In Spain, only Lawyers can appeal to Courts. They can start plaintiffs for free. Only them. The other people are obligated to hire them ( Lawyer plus Procurator, two figures ) to appeal to Court. This is a way to ruin many people. It is a big disgrace for Spaniards have the Judicial system they have.
A heavy and thick silence fly around and over the Justice of Spain. A country with internalized fear.

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